Client Experiences

What secret would you share with other busy mom’s of young kids knowing what you know now?
“MAKE THE INVESTMENT.  I am investing in clothes I know will be staples for years to come.  When the clothes get worn out, I know what to look for to replace.  I have learned so much from you, like get better quality fabric to last me longer (it’s worth the extra cost and I look more polished), it’s good to have a bevvy of camisoles in all my power colors (a must!), and pick up fun accessories in my power colors because they’ll never grow old and I will definitely use them A LOT.
You have taken out the guessing game of “Does this look good?  Will this work?  What should I wear?”  I have three little kids, I work full-time outside of the home, and I blog about my life (www.emailingwithmygirlfriends .com), but I don’t want to give up on looking good.  Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I want to live in yoga pants/leggings and throw on any old top.  I don’t mind putting effort in, but I didn’t know HOW best to do it.  Now it’s totally effortless because you created all the looks for me (truly, I totally was checked out while you were creating looks and snapping photos).  As a multi-tasking mama, I took advantage of the kid-free time to organize my closet and switch everything over from my winter clothes to spring/summer clothes, while you were creating looks for me!  You offer great organizational tips to make it easy to find the clothes I want to pull to create an outfit.  So now I am putting in even LESS effort than before because you have done all the hard work and my closet is primed and ready for pulling outfits!  I have a closet full of clothes I love, endless combinations of outfits tailored just for me and my body shape and my coloring, and I know how to dress myself better.  This is a win-win-win!”
Michelle Dickstein – Copley, OH  
(Working Mom of 3 girls under 4)

“Traci,  Things are going great! I love not having to think before being able to grab a quick outfit that looks fantastic and run out the door! The kids started school this week and things have been nuts! I am getting a ton of outfits out of fewer clothes, which is amazing and I am also getting tons of compliments, particularly on my striped suit pieces!  I am loving how things are going. I put everything in an email folder and access my LOOK BOOK pics from my phone in the am and it works perfectly.”
Keri Zipay – Hudson, OH
(Working mom of 3)

“Traci exceeded my expectations! My once black closet is now filled with colors that I would have never tried but make me happy and comfortable when I wear them.

Shopping with her was the most enlightening experience. What a luxury to walk into the store, see a VIP sign on the dressing room door,  with a rack of clothes and realize it was for me! From shoes to jewelry to scarves to dresses, slacks, and shorts,  all with coordinating tops and shrugs I was finished in 2 hours in colors that enhance my skin and hair tones.

And the final fun moment is the “review of purchases” we did a week after shopping. I tried on the clothes again this time pairing them with clothes I already had. Traci took pictures and sent them to me. I have my own catalog of me modeling my new outfits for reference when I’m looking for something special to wear.

I needed Traci 40 years earlier but I am really happy I found her now.  Transitioning from career life to retirement necessitates many changes. The new retirement look is important in helping define the new “me” and who I am going to be for the next third of my life! It’s a relief to check off “the new look” from the retirement  to-do list.

Marilyn Malone, Stylishly Retired


“I started working with Traci because I noticed that a one of my friends always looked so cute. Every time I saw this friend she always looked confident and well dressed.

My first meeting with Traci was life changing! We detoxed my closet and discovered what colors were best for me. She really took the time to get to know me, my vocation, and what specific needs I had both professionally and personally.

After our first visit, I discovered I had been wearing the wrong color palette my entire life! I was one of those people whose mothers had decided when I was a child that I should wear colors that I liked and that looked good on me. It was so freeing to discover my colors and to embrace my uniqueness!

Traci was also able to ramp up my wardrobe as far as quality of fabrics, fit, and color to work with my lifestyle now. I had been a stay at home mom for years and my wardrobe reflected this role, i.e., very relaxed, tired, oversized. Now that my role has changed (both kids are leaving the nest soon), Traci was able to help me embrace this new season of life with clothes that fit and reflect my personality.

Since dressing in “TeeMcBee approved” outfits, I have noticed people treat me differently. I don’t feel invisible and my energy has changed. I am more open to others and I feel like I have come out of hiding (I am not sure what I was hiding from, but the way I was dressing before – oversized and improperly fitting garments – was hiding my shape and my personality).

My husband has taken notice too and really appreciates seeing my curves!

I would highly recommend working with Traci. She truly embraces her tag line – Elevating Confidence & Influence with Style… One Closet at a Time!”

Kim Ausbury – Designer/Owner, Staged & Styled


“After reading Traci’s newsletter for over two years, I finally decided to give myself a birthday gift of a closet detox. It was a great gift! I learned so much! Traci analyzed my body shape and showed me what types of clothes would be best for me. I had so many clothes in my closet that didn’t look good on me, but I didn’t know why.

I blamed my body (size, shape, height, weight), but I learned that it was the style, cut, fit or color that was the problem. 

Then Traci and I power shopped to find items that would work best for my body and my life. If I had been shopping alone, I would have been very frustrated and would have given up in a short time. Traci helped so much because she already had my size and style picked out for me. Her expertise made the whole shopping experience much more pleasant. The next step – Master the Mix – showed me how to incorporate my new purchases with my existing items for a lot of new looks. Now, the biggest problem I have is not “what will I wear”, but rather “which outfit would I like to wear”! If you have been thinking about calling Traci, don’t wait!  The entire experience was great and I wish I had done it sooner!”

Lorri Lindsey – MRI Tech.  Stow, OH


“I am so glad that I did the Master the Mixx session with Traci.  After shopping together, I was a little overwhelmed by all of the new clothes and accessories and did not know how to mix the new with those that I already had.  Traci showed me combination after combination.  All were documented with photos, which I printed in a small book.  Now getting dressed in the morning is so easy!  If I’m not sure what to wear, I can flip open my book for an idea.

It’s also great to throw in my purse when I go shopping so I know what I already have and can figure out what would compliment my existing clothes well.

I am so glad that I went through the whole process and wish that I had found Traci years ago.  She did a fantastic job of helping me find a style that made me feel confident.  I get compliments all the time now, even from complete strangers.”

Leah Villalobas –  Financial Adviser

“I am feeling grrrreat! I am using the eyebrow pencil daily – what a difference.
The lipstick I’m still adjusting to, but when I look at the pictures, I can see how washed out my face looks without any lipstick.  I’ve always pre-picked my outfits for the week (it makes things much easier in the morning), but now it’s taking less time on Sunday! I just get on the computer to view the digital LOOK BOOK you sent to me and match an outfit to the weather and I’m good to go!  Thank you for everything- you’re a doll!”

Kristie Mentch, Elementary School Teacher


“I was at a conference this week and wanted to let you know that two women whose fashion sense and poise I respect tremendously – and who are role models for me in other respects as well – commented on (a) how great my outfits were; and (b) how good my hair looked. I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Jessica Wadd Lakewood
Global Business Consultant

“Traci is amazing…both in person and via phone/text! I started working with Traci in December 2012 (a gift to myself for my 40th and starting my business). I love color and yet I wasn’t wearing a lot of color…sticking with black pants, etc. I feel alive and love all my bright colored items in my closet. We have worked in person a number of times and Traci is awesome about fielding my questions via text with photos. She has saved me money countless times by saying “that doesn’t hit you in the right place,” or “you have something already like that.” Traci has a great memory and she takes the time to review photos from our previous shops and mix-it-up sessions so that she is guiding me properly. Thank you Traci!”

Lynne Poulton – Stow, OH
Professional Organizer


“I recently changed industries and asked Traci to help me on coordinating clothing to match my new company logo and color ensemble, for professional photos on business cards, literature, website, LinkedIn and even a car wrap.

Traci not only did an outstanding job in literally a few minutes, she also set me up with multiple every day outfits using the same colors. She used her shopping savvy to take advantage of “on sale” items and discounts. I can comfortably say adding her fee and the cost of the “intelligently” purchased items was a huge savings compared to what I would have accomplished on my own.

Shopping for clothes is one of my least favorite things to do. I am becoming a huge fan of working with Traci, I can easily see NEVER shopping for clothes on my own and that is a HUGE relief.

On top of making my life easy, I CONSTANTLY get compliments on my outfits, this is something I NEVER got when I did my own shopping. Traci pushes me outside of my comfort zone and every time she does I expand my look / brand and she keeps me from becoming boring and stagnant looking.

I would highly recommend Traci for anyone considering staying relevant and fresh, she is an exceptional value.”

Ed Nowlan – Akron
Licensed Insurance Representative

“Packing can be stressful, annoying, and confusing.  We met for our Spring session and in addition to putting together great new looks, she helped me prepare for two upcoming trips. It is no secret that I love color and “fun” unique outfits. She honors this about my style and assembled great looks with interchanging options for my trips.  With all the pieces laid out, Traci snapped pictures of what I needed to pack so that a month later it would be a breeze.  Here I am today, a couple days prior to my departure, I took out the pictures, pulled the pieces out of my closet and wallah – I am packed.  And I wasn’t stressed,annoyed,or confused.  Working with Traci = one happy packer!”          
Lynne Poulton, Professional Organizer

“Heading off on a great adventure… don’t know what to bring?   that is exactly where I was when I was going to Italy….
Traci came and we chose a color scheme and accessories to make it all pop.  I ended up taking 7 tops, 3 pair of pants, 2 dresses and many scarves, necklaces and earrings and 4 pair of shoes.  From these garments and pieces I lasted for 2 weeks in Italy…. and don’t forget your LookBook.  Each day I got up checked my book, (which had been photographed in complete outfits) found the pieces and I was ready to go.  I think I ended up taking less than my husband.  Happy Traveling!”
Linda Ford – Professional Photographer

“Relieved & at peace after my Effortless Packing session with TeeMcBee.  Worth every penny to be organized one full week before my departure to Europe.”
Mary Colarik – Professional Writer

“I wanted to say thank you- everything we purchased and that you put together was great! I never felt like I was under/overdressed, had enough layering- all was perfect. I felt perfectly dressed for each activity and very comfortable.  From hiking to Italian cooking classes and everything in between – I’ll never be stressed when you are only a phone call away for Effortless Packing.” 
Kay Doyle – Fast Signs, Owner

“THANK YOU! It all fit (easily) into a carry-on!  I’m SO relieved, happy, and stress free!  You are one of the very best things that ever happened to me!”
Megan Patton texted on the way to the airport