Create a Mood With the Colors You Choose

The calendar says it’s spring — and what better time to bring a new dimension and experience to your life than by transforming your closet inside and out with new colors.

Invigorate your outdated suit, shirts, and ties while energizing your networking events with one of the new hot color trends of the season. A fresh blouse or two can instantly change your mood, ambience and energy.

When selecting colors for your wardrobe, it’s imperative to know your Power Colors for your skin tone and what mood you are trying to achieve, how you intend to communicate, and more importantly which colors you really love and feel confident wearing. Color reveals bits and pieces of our personalities. What are you revealing? For thousands of years China, India, and Egypt have studied the philosophies and relationships between color and energy in order to strike a spiritual balance in their lives.

So before you head down to the store, here is some insight into the mood-provoking colors of the rainbow and the energies they emit. Be mindful to always invest wisely and with a plan when it comes to this all important communication tool, your wardrobe.

Red: Dynamic and Bold

Its intensity has a stimulating and exciting effect. A warm and seductive color that exudes power and confidence.

Orange: Social and Fun

An energizing, lively, and invigorating warm color. Evokes enthusiasm, self-confidence, and creativity.

Yellow: Cheerful and Playful

Rejuvenates and stimulates your mind, body, and soul. Sparks imagination and innovation. Epitomizes warmth and an optimistic outlook to the future.

Dark Green: Calm and Reassuring; Bright Green: Youthful and Naïve

A very popular color due in part to its calming and restful affect. Varying shades of green evoke a stable and secure environment. Creates a sense of balance and harmony. A cool nurturing color that promotes healing and re-growth.

Blue: Friendly, Safe, and Secure

Represents communication, reliability, peace, tranquility and truth. An intellectual color that evokes a protective mood. Symbolizes loyalty and control.

Indigo/Violet/Purple: Creative and Unconventional

Color of spirituality and intuition. Defines elegance and refined luxury. Represents a sense of power and royalty. Suggests wealth and sophistication.

Light Pink: Soft and Nurturing; Bright Pink: Confident and assured

In its cool tone it can lower blood pressure and creates a calming tendency. Think of this as bubble gum pink. This is a short-term effect, as the body always strives for “balance.”

On the other end of the scale, the warmer tones instill a calming effect, but when the hue becomes too bold, it is more attractive to men than to women. Consider your audience when you wear pink.

Natural Metals: Warm or Cool

Natural gold and grey are easy on the mind’s eye and soothe the spirit. Gold is warm and best suited for those with warm skin tone, while Silver Grey is suited for those that are cool in skin tone. Get the skin tone wrong and you will look tired, older, and unflattering – especially when worn near the face.

Brown/Chocolate: Solid, Reliable, and Genuine

Brown used in moderation inspires elegance and richness. Incorporating natural materials and elements in any outfit will evoke a more balanced look. Reflects stability and promotes communication.

White: Traditional and Conservative

White represents simplicity, cleanliness, and vibrancy when in perfect balance.

Black: Authoritative

Black is an absorbing color and is best used as a stabilizer and anchor. Too much black can make you seem unapproachable.

Always consider the mood and energy you want to communicate to your audience — then go for it!

Which colors are you drawn to?


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