Tee’s Story

I am perfectly imperfect and I embrace that.

I actually love that I can embrace that fact. Although that wasn’t always true. Being a curvy full-figured woman over 40 isn’t embraced by mainstream media, fashion or retail. Yes, things have improved over the last few years, but I could walk into my local Dillard’s right now and find uninspiring mannequins wearing boring basics, with no one having taken the time to accessorize the display with shoes, purses, jewelry or scarves as they did in every other department. Also, the Women’s Department is on the second floor next to housewares and children’s department. The sales staff are usually the least fashionable, and although the collections may have some designer names, they are boring and over-priced. I rarely take clients there since my goal is to find as many of the key items that particular client needs in as few places possible; since we have a 4 hour window I want the time spent used wisely.

I am often asked how I became a wardrobe stylist / image consultant.  It’s hard to condense my reply in a short sound bite. I happen to have an old soul and at a very young age was very independent, which was a challenge for my mother. Mom was a widow at the young age of 26 with three young daughters to raise, and I was only two at the time. Family members have told me I was difficult when it was time to get dressed each day. I refused to wear footie pjs with a tear or hole in the foot. I expected my mother to lay out a complete outfit each day for me to approve before I would wear it. If I didn’t like something about it or it didn’t ‘match’ I did not get dressed, no matter the threats, spankings or pinches by my older sisters.

OH my, the writing was on the wall. By 11 I was interested in the HOT PANTS trend! Well I wasn’t a tall slim little girl like my best friends in the neighborhood – I was curvy and what Sears & Roebuck called Husky…ugh.  I watched as my mother tried to force her opinion of what my oldest sister should be wearing on her and all the fighting, tears and anger in the dressing room! My middle sister and I hid under the racks of clothes and heard all that frustration. My oldest sister to this day hates wearing appropriate clothes and would live in her mumu if she could. I make sure my clients have a good time in the dressing room!


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FAST FORWARD to my early 30’s – this is when I lost my mojo. After having my second child and being able to stay home for a few years I constantly compared myself to the other skinnier, prettier hot moms. I was frumpy, dumpy and hadn’t lost the baby weight. While they wore shorts at the baseball field, I wore anything to cover up. I did not feel good about myself and didn’t attend many events because I hated my body and my clothes. So I had to some work to do and on my own.  I couldn’t talk to two people without being completely self-conscious. I joined a Welcome Wagon luncheon group and quit before the luncheon moved to my house. I felt so lame. Helping women focus on their best assets is always a goal of mine.

I became an observer of my life more than a participant, but I learned about others in the process. From working as a temp and then as a hostess in model homes, I started to put what I was learning to use. Within nine months of being a hostess, supporting sales representative of customized homes, I was offered my own development! I said, “No thanks, I don’t know enough.” My husband said, “WHAT? What do you have to lose? An hourly weekend job?” So I went in the next day and said I’d do it!

Looking back, others saw in me what I did not see in myself. I just went with what they told me I could do and remarkably it worked! I was very successful working with clients, from home site selection to floor plan and all the details of building a house, right up to handing them the keys to their new home. My confidence soared. I now use this skill of observation to support my clients. Everyone can use a brush-up on body language, facial expressions and listening skills.

After five years and a sold-out development I decided to go to school for my Real Estate license. Another life lesson: I observed that how a large office of women dressed directly influenced the type of clients they attracted and the level of success they achieved. As the economy began tanking in the mid 2000’s I realized I did not want to work with distressed and foreclosed properties, and the fabric of the industry was changing into something that I did not love any more. I help clients overcome beliefs that they have about themselves or fashion rules, to see all of this from a fresh perspective. People respond to our energy before anything else.

teemcbee-2015 (1)TeeMcBee Publicity was being hatched as a business plan, and through my many observations of people, and with my skill set, I realized the image component was the key to every success in every life regardless of whether you need a PR company to support you or your project. I turned my focus to image consulting. My skill of observation is a great gift, added to my old soul, my intuitive abilities and my ability to see in others what they don’t see in themselves. Being objective and seeing one’s gifts and strengths doesn’t come easily for most women. I give that to my clients – it is what I love about what I am invited to do each day of my life. My purpose is giving confidence and influence to others. I take my life experiences, observations, skills, training, education, compassion and intuition with me into closets and dressing rooms all over N.E. Ohio. Invite me into yours!