1 on 1 Services


This is where we take everything we kept from the Closet Detox and everything we carefully shopped for and purchased – Mixx it stylish, flattering complete put-together looks.


TeeMcBee gets to know you in a 3-prong approach during the CLOSET DETOX, to truly understand who you are and support you in visually communicating your goals while being appropriate for the situations in your life each and every day.


After TeeMcBee has spent time with you in your closet, understands your lifestyle, completed your BODY SHAPE I.D., discovered your personal POWER COLORS with you on your naked face, has taken shopping notes of the items needed to express your style, and expanded on the items you kept from the DETOX, THEN Tee can shop from the stores identified being mindful of your needs and budget.


This is a service reserved for clients that have had a Closet DETOX, Power Shopped with Tee and had a MASTER the Mixx Session.


This is the tool that will save you time and money 365 days year! Every encounter you have with TeeMcBee will be documented in photos of you with the outfit combinations she creates just for you on your body! Tee will pull in shoes, accessories and purses so you can pack faster and easier, get dress effortlessly each day and plan your week of outfits with no effort or second guessing yourself.


Don’t let this happen to you!