Virtual Consultation


My virtual consulting program gives you the opportunity to interact privately with me – no matter where you live.

This is how it works:

  • Pre-Consultation: Following an initial telephone, Facetime or Skype conversation, you will be sent via e-mail a STYLE I.Q. QUESTIONNAIRE Form to fill out to help us prepare for your consultation. The form will gather personal information and ask what you are most hoping to accomplish with the consultation.
  • Consultation: During the course of an initial phone consultation we’ll work on your objectives and set out a plan of action according to your specific needs. We’ll then follow up with 2 more 1-hour consultations (or 4 x 30 minute ones) at later dates that we will schedule as you are ready.
  • Post–Consultation: After each phone consultation, you’ll be sent your personal detailed report.
  • Personal Shopping:  For an additional fee ($60 per hour) I can also include additional information and vendor links to items you may wish to add to your wardrobe.