TeeMcBee Speaks

love to share, speak, teach, and coach about style. When you attend a TeeMcBee Speaks, you will:
  • get the inside scoop about personal branding, personal image, authenticity, and soft skills,
  • learn the secrets to boost your confidence and self-love,
  • learn how to attract the people you want in your life.
“I am writing to share my experience in inviting Traci McBride to present an exciting, successful “Ageless Living” image program to my women’s group. She was warm, friendly, inviting, open, informative, and professional all at the same time. My friends received her in the same heartfelt manner as she received them. She not only presented very timely information, but was able to use her humor and sensitivity in a way that these 40 + year old women could hear her and laugh with her about their aging bodies. The slides she shared were so well selected that they provided inspiration and hope to those of us who want to continue to not only look our best but to communicate our wisdom and confidence to those we meet. She arrived with plenty of time to take care of pre-program details, appeared relaxed and happy as she greeted guests, was confident and open in delivering her presentation and was generous with her time in answering the Q & A that followed her program. I highly recommend her as a definite crowd pleasing, engaging, and educational speaker for many different types of events.” 
Sue Mayer-Livingston, Consultant Doncaster Women’s Clothing 
“Traci is an expert in her field. She is able to adapt her approach to meet the needs of women and men in a professional setting. The results of her consulting are outstanding.” 
Jeff Darner, Moen International: 
Training and Leadership Development Human Resources
“In her role as producer and TV host of Indelible Impressions with TeeMcBee, Traci McBride makes you feel welcome the moment she greets you. The interview feels more like a conversation with a longtime friend. Traci is very passionate about community service, and her television program provides valuable information that helps to enrich viewers’ personal and professional lives.” 
Christine Zust: President, Zust & Company 

“Traci is smart, creative and inspirational. As a TV Host she gets to the real issues and helps her audience. As an Image Stylist, Traci helped me to add color to my wardrobe and enhance my brand. Unlike her competitors, Traci listens, she does not judge. She inspires her clients and it grows their confidence. Please accept my highest recommendation for Traci.” 

Katherine Miracle, Speaker, Marketer, Educator, Entrepreneur Founder/President Miracle Resources Co Founder of America’s Respect Revolution