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You will be amazed that your life can be taken to a new level merely by simplifying your daily dressing routine. Traci’s three-pronged, customized approach was created to support you in this exciting process.


TESTIMONIAL: Life after Traci and Lynne:

“In 2014 I began a transformation with Traci McBride of TeeMcBee Image Consulting and Lynne Poulton of Wholly Organized! LLC.

After our work together, I get up in the morning and find my clothes easily. I don’t have to think about what to wear. I just pull out my look book and select. It feels great to have clothes that enhance the good features I have, and diminish the not so desirable:). No longer do I spend time thinking about what to wear or go shopping spending lots of time buying things that don’t fit me. I save time and money by shopping with Traci. She knows my colors, style, best fits and she finds beautiful outfits.

My morning routine is easy. Everything has a place in the bathroom so I’m not searching for stuff. Because we de-cluttered the closets and set up systems I have more space. This saves me so much time.

Because of Traci and Lynne, I am confidently styled and Wholly Organized! Most of all it feels good to live in an environment where everything has its place and there is no longer clutter.”

Dr. Berta Briones, M.D