Fed Up With Your Look?

Q: It’s been more than a dozen years since I’ve done anything new with my hair or clothes “style,” if that is what I can even call it. I’m wearing pretty much the same thing every day, only in a different color. Basic black, with little splashes of color. I’m bored […]

Create a Mood With the Colors You Choose

The calendar says it’s spring — and what better time to bring a new dimension and experience to your life than by transforming your closet inside and out with new colors. Invigorate your outdated suit, shirts, and ties while energizing your networking events with one of the new hot color trends of the season. […]

What’s Age Got to Do with It?

BY TRACI MCBRIDE Q: How can I avoid looking old as I approach my 50th while competing for opportunities against much younger individuals? A: Ahh, yes, an age-old question (excuse my pun). First, realize that your beliefs and thoughts on any subject will predict the outcome for you. If you […]