Fed Up With Your Look?

Q: It’s been more than a dozen years since I’ve done anything new with my hair or clothes “style,” if that is what I can even call it. I’m wearing pretty much the same thing every day, only in a different color. Basic black, with little splashes of color. I’m bored […]

Organizing Makes Life Closetively Wonderful

Q: My husband and I are revamping and organizing our closets. What products or organizing tips would you have for us to save time dressing each day?     A: What a fun project to do together! I find men and women have very different “styles” in the closet, with how […]

Summer Sneaker Guide

by Traci McBride Casual SNEAKERS These are your everyday on-the-go walkers that are perfect for a laid back comfy look. Active SNEAKERS No stopping you in these low impact yet BOLD & stylish sneakers that keep you moving! Fashion SNEAKERS Looking so good on the runway you can skip the […]

EYEWEAR: the One Constant

by Traci McBride Those of us that need to wear eyeglasses have so many choices in just this one accessory. Now, usually having choices is a good thing.  I say that because many personality types get overwhelmed with too many choices, and when that happens they tend to go basic. […]